The Sauce

Tonita’s Sweet Vine Cuban Sauce is my own creation based on an original Latin enchilada sauce flavored with the authentic tomato base Cuban Sauce. I really made it my own by injecting my Cuban Creole (Criollo) style of cooking.

Tonita’s Sweet Vine Cuban Sauce reveals the history of Cuba and the diverse groups of people who have inhabited the island. My sauces are a fusion of Caribbean, Cuban, and Creole elements – flavors that dance on your tongue and bring rhythm to your senses!


Only the finest tomatoes and herbs are used to create a fresh and natural flavor. It is a healthy choice. Low in Carbs, No trans fat or fat, low in sodium.

It’s great for enchiladas, or as a tasty, low fat alternative for your favorite pasta dish.

Try it on this, on that, on everything!